Asami Wakana is a housewife dressed up in a costume fuc

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Asami Wakana is our cheating housewife dressed up in a costume for us today. She as you well remember decided to come to our studio to cheat on her husband. She was a little shy at first when we suggested that she wear some costume we brought for her but once she put it on and we told her how good she looked in it, she took to it and enjoyed wearing it. Since she looked so delicious and sexy we decided we wanted to share her with the outside world so they could see how good she looked. We hoped this would also build her confidence once she realized how good she looked and others saw it as well. Since she was a little hungry, we thought it would be a good idea to order some food and have it delivered by a deliveryman. We discussed what we could do with him once he got there and see what would happen if she invited him in for a glass of water. And that is where the fun will begin. We had Asami spill the water on his crotch when she gave it to him and then we had her towel him off. Of course she also had to take off his wet underwear so she grabbed his cock and started stroking it to coax him into taking off his underwear. He got hard pretty quick and since he was already hard, we had Asami massage his cock and stroke him and then we invited him to get on the bed where she could properly take care of him. She got those underwear off right away and got on him and sucked him hard, and then she sat down on his face so he could enjoy the taste of her sweet pussy. This was the best delivery he ever made for sure. He licked and sucked and.. Go watch the full length video to see all that he got to do to Asami. It is quite fun to see.